We’re so excited to tell you…

…that this year we will be working alongside the fantastic Cannon Hall Farm in producing some fantastic premier events that will see some of our favourite characters (and some new ones too) at great events and special days in Barnsley.

For the past 3 years we’ve been asked to bring events to our local town and we’ve been waiting for the right partner to come along who we can work alongside and complement our business, and who better than the fantastic Cannon Hall Farm!

This is the first time that we have joined alongside a business to bring our team to the Barnsley area on large-scale events and we’ve already planned some exciting things!

There will be a full range of events, of which some will be completely free, and others ticketed, all in a wide range of themes. We’ve looked at our popular characters and themes to bring events and services we know you’ll enjoy.

The full list of events launched so far can be found here. Be sure to book and plan early, as we know they will be hugely popular! Providing the excellent quality and service that you have come to know and expect from both us and the wonderful team at Cannon Hall Farm.

Here’s to a VERY exciting year!

The CopyCat Team.

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