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We have a great start to our help and advice blogs with Barnsley based Honey Cupcakes on board. The following blog will hopefully give some great tips to those of you looking to find the right business for your special occasion. Gemma Cook, the owner of Honey Cupcakes has been in business since 2012. Gemma has seen her business grow to create some fantastic cakes and designs. Many of these cakes have been seen by thousands through viral posts and videos (some including a rather controversial birth cake!)
Always full of fresh ideas and new designs we felt Gemma was the perfect expert to kick-start this series of blogs!

With the rise of the hobbyist cake maker, Gemma gives some great points on choosing the right business to make your cake. She’s helped provided some helpful tips and things to look out for below.

Finding A Cake Maker | Honey Cupcakes

It’s your little ones birthday…you’re preparing for your wedding day…or you’re simply treating your best friend to some delicious cupcakes and you have everything booked except the cake.

Where to Start?

..well that’s easy… there’s a great deal of hobbyist, businesses and self employed cake makers out there, just one simple add on Facebook and you’ve got hundreds to choose from. So it should be an easy choice right? Not necessarily…

‘Cake is cake at the end of the day, anyone can do it….’

Wrong. While everyone can find the right ingredients and put them together in the right order; not everyone has the skill and also the right to charge. Especially if they aren’t registered self employed or otherwise. If your cake maker is serious about what they do they will be registered and be running as a business or sole trader.

Health and Safety

I don’t have to tell you that this is the biggest problem amongst cake making. Many setting up in their own kitchens don’t realise the level of hygiene that is required for a 5 star service to your customer. Most recently you may have seen the bride who found mold inside her wedding cake when cutting into it on her wedding day. There are also horror stories of bad copies and collapsing cakes. These sorts of stories should warn you to take pride in choosing your cake maker.

Top 5 Tips

Here are my top tips to make sure you get the best when having your cake made;

Tip 1

Visit the kitchen your cake is being made in – do a visual inspection. Look out for any pets and ask the cake maker what happens when they are making the cakes. Chat to your cake maker, explain exactly what you want and take a look at examples they may be making at that time.

Ask about the council inspection each food business must have when making food in a kitchen for sale to the public. These scores can be found on the ‘Scores on the Doors’ website. A sticker like the below should be visible if this inspection has been made.

scores on the doors help

Tip 2

As the saying goes…if the price is too good to be true, it usually is. Take into account the amount of hours that your cake maker will work and the ingredients that will go into the cake. Delivery charges and logistics of getting a cake to your event are also advised to be discussed and incorporated into any prices you receive.

Tip 3

Does you cake maker have public liability insurance? Not a requirement, but a good indication that the cake make takes their health and safety seriously and is covered for all events including illness and injury.

Tip 4

Reviews – has the cake maker had great reviews in the past. Take a look at social networks, the business website and review sites to compare experiences.

Tip 5.

Take a look at examples of cakes the cake maker has made before. Are you happy with the style? Are you confident your cake maker will take all your small details on board?

These are some great tips to start you off looking for a great cake maker in your area. If you’d like to ask any more advice or to check out some great designs head over or please pop us a message over on our Honey CupCakes facebook page.

Gemma Cook | Honey Cupcakes
Please note all images are subject to copyright by Honey Cupcakes.

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