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How To Help Your Toddler With Mascots

Do you need to help your toddler with mascots? It’s not out of the ordinary for toddlers and smaller children to be afraid of fancy characters and large mascot suits. Over the years we’ve attended a great deal of parties at which we’ve found some great techniques that our team can do to help smaller children warm to us. We’ve also picked up some great tips on how to advise you on what to do if you aren’t sure on how your little one will react and what to do if they have a bad reaction in the past.

My child has seen mascots before and is afraid of them.

Your reaction is a big deal in this instance. We’ve outlined a few tips on what to try below;

1) Don’t go out of your way to avoid them at parties and don’t shield your children away (or in some cases run away with your child) Walk away calmly with your child if close and let them watch the character at a distance. This avoids panic, alarm and more importantly doesn’t give the character or mascot a ‘bad guy’ role.

2) Whilst doing the above don’t mention to anyone (including your child) about the child being fearful of the mascot. This will only reinforce the idea in your?childs head that they dislike them. Even if your child is very young they will still pick up the tone of your voice and your body language.

3) Watch the mascot, laugh at things they do and continue to enjoy the rest of the party. If you see the mascot approach you try to be at a level the mascot is at (this may involve picking the child up) This will avoid the mascot towering over you and the child being daunted.

4) Give your child small things to do aimed at the mascot – like pulling silly faces at the mascot or asking them to give the mascot a hi five. If they become confident you may want to suggest the child show the mascot something special they can do (like jumping really high)

5) The most important thing is to stay calm. Your reaction is key and though it may not happen with the first party after a while you child will become less frightened by them.

My child has never seen a mascot before, should I prepare them?

Preparation is key if meeting a mascot for the first time. Here’s some tips to try below;

1) If you know a character is going to be at a party inform your child if you can, and tell them that they will be there and that he/she should be very excited.

2) The size of the mascot will always be bigger than what your child is expecting. In a happy manner explain before the party the character will be ‘super big’ but that means they are better for lots of cuddles and dancing!

3) You reaction to the character is a big thing, when you mean the character things like ‘oh how exciting’ and lots of hi 5’s are recommended for basic introductions to characters.

4) If your little one is unsure of how to act, let them watch the character from a distance to see movements and how other children react.

5) Give your child small interactions as tasks to the character, like pulling a silly face at them or giving hi 5’s. You can even ask the character to give your child something they love such as a bun, toy or balloon from the party.

We hope this advice will help your toddler with mascots and characters! For more information on our team and how we can help please contact us.

The CopyCat Team.

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