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Our work takes us all around the UK and for this reason if outside the Barnsley area (our HQ) we do attach a fuel and travel cost along with our usual service charge.

So how do we work this out?

Car and Road Journeys

Taking the postcode of your booking we calculate a return mileage charge from our offices. This is per mile and also covers the time spent for our team travelling to your venue.

Air Journeys

Any bookings that do require air travel will be subject to a unique charge. For more details on this please call our office on 0800 023 5903.

Will it apply to the booking i have already booked?

All bookings taken from the week commencing 18th July 2016 are subject to this charge. If you have booked previous to this date then your fuel charge will still be at a standard £10 in surrounding areas.

I believe i’m in the Barnsley area but not sure – how does this work?

Sometimes it can be a fine line as to which area you are based in. Though you may be in the borough of Barnsley, you may have a Sheffield postcode and vice versa. The way we work it out is by typing your booking postcode in Google. This then shows us if your postcode is classed as Barnsley. We do this before taking any booking to make sure you aren’t getting charged any extras.

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