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Why We’ll Keep Getting Better…| The CopyCat Party Company

Why We’ll Keep Getting Better…| The CopyCat Party Company

Taking inspiration…

I’m often inspired by quotes and today I was inspired by a book written by Christopher T Magician; sent following a masterclass I did with a few other entertainers back in May with him. Flicking through the book i saw the following…

‘Keep Getting Better’?

Sounds simple right? It’s not the most groundbreaking phrase; however it’s a phrase I immediately was drawn to as this could quite easily be our team motto.

‘Keep Getting Better’

As I read this, I realised how much I drum this into our team.

We never rest on our laurels and never rest on the fact we have a loyal customer base. Heads can always be turned, clients can always be taken – which is why we are constantly updating our parties, themes, ideas and producing new ways to provide entertainment for families across the UK.
On successful events and relationships, we build. We work on our ideas and build them to be better than we could have ever imagined. Team are encouraged to be the best they can be with regular training and feedback and keep resources new and fresh looking.? We will always practice, invent and are inspired by other entertainers – we attend conventions, lectures, read books and educate ourselves. We make sure all our team have the same vision and promote teamwork and a supportive atmosphere maintaining a happy work environment.

There is so much more than the final product – and the continuous work our team put in is outstanding.

So yes – we WILL always keep getting better and it’s because we have the support of our team and followers that we can keep doing this. This is through experience and feedback and for that we are hugely grateful.

So I guess what I’m saying is thank you – you, our clients and customers help us become better each day!

Laura – Owner.

keep getting better

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