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January 2020

A big Happy New Year from us!…and what a year it’s shaping up to be already! This week has seen us start to launch all of our new packages, services and characters for the year and boy have we got a selection for you all! If you missed our live facebook video – then take a look at the rundown of what new things are heading you way in 2020.
We still have a few more ideas up our sleeves for this year but here is what we have so far!
As they go live on the website this week we will be linking them from this blog too!

Themed Party – Dino Dash Disco

Following the huge success of the Dinosaur party with Cannon Hall Farm last year we committed to a party with a dinosaur theme – and though it worked our a little different than we hoped (our big dino is on hold) we are going to be doing a complete themed dino party. This newly launched party headed up by our Dino rangers includes some great themed games and prizes and an appearance from a very special baby dino which all guests can have a picture with!

Themed Party – Disco Doll Party

Taking inspiration from one of the most popular dolls out there – our Disco Doll party is set to be a popular one! With fun hair and make up challenges and disco fun – this one of for those who love a giggle!

Themed Party – LOL Party

You’ll be in for a brilliant party if you decide on this one! This one is great for those that love glitter, sparkle, dancing and fun challenges!

Themed Party – Frozen Party

This year we are relaunching our Frozen Party featuring themed games, prizes and special character visits! For more information head here.

Themed Party – Glitter Bash

Perfect for those who love glitz and glam. This very glittery package offers cool challenges, glitter and hair bar and requested music. Great for those who have grown out of a traditional party and looking for more of a fun make over party! To view this package head here.

Christening Package – The Peter Package

A traditional package which sees table activities and mini challenges along with a character appearance from our ‘Bunny Peter’. Great for those who want a traditional Christening and something to entertain the little ones.

Traditional Party – Teen Bash!

Adding to our traditional parties we have our newly created ‘Teen Bash’. We’ve always provided parties for teens but never promoted them! We thought it was about time we did! Aimed at 10-16 years; this is a ‘cooler’ party for our older guests. With requests and hilarious challenges it still has our CopyCat twist on it!

New Service – Glitter and Hair Bar

Following trials last year in our Festival Party we are delighted to announce our glitter and hair bar! This is hugely popular and is great for those who love glitz and glam at their party who might feel a little too old for the traditional face painting.

New Service – Bibbidi Bobbidi Home Experience

Following the huge success of our Bibbidi Bobbidi Experience in 2018 we wanted to create a service that we could merge with a booked party package too! Though able to book as a separate service – if booking before our package we’ll offer a discount on this brand new package. This brilliant make over package comes complete with decoration extras too to transform your make over experience!

New Service – Supreme Character Visits

We make it an aim for our characters never to host parties – it’s a distraction from being the character they are and rarely can it seem like it’s a natural thing for a character to do. We have however created two new characters which can build this in to a very special performance style party and these are named out Supreme character visits. Trialed in 2019 our characters ‘Nanny Poppins’ and ‘The Unicorn Fairy’ characters offered a one hour service in which they hosted games, magic and sang live to the guests. We found this worked great and for this reason have launched them this year as a brand new part of our character service.

New Service – Tipi Parties

Finally! We will launch our Tipi party packages with limited availability to behind with but as we build the service more will become available. We have some fantastic themes launching throughout the year such as;
Wizards and Wonder
Disco Dream Sleepover
Showman Sleepover
We’ll be adding more information as it goes live on our website!

New Characters

As well as new characters we’ve also made sure we are showcasing the new additions from last year!

Take a look at;

– The Arabian Princess
– Bunny Peter
– The Unicorn Princess / Fairy

So there you have it! There’s a few more ideas and packages still left to launch but these are the ones we wanted to get out there! We hope you love them as much as we do!

Laura – CPC

December 2019

Hold on – where did the time go?! Since my last post I am now happy to say I am on maternity leave (from parties only!) and I’ll be back in our office from the 6th January working hard on a very busy start to the year. So I’m going to give a quick rundown on what’s been going off and what will be happening in the next few months! – Bad news is – it will take more than a baby to get rid of me…mwahahaha!

Halloween and Christmas

Two very successful seasonal periods for us – we ventured to the brilliant Cannon Hall Farm, The Metrodome and The Alhambra Shopping Centre to name but a few clients! We also had some fantastic spooky and festive parties and met some great new followers towards the end of the year. As I write we have some fantastic reviews coming in from our Christmas visits along with some wonderful pictures and I can’t wait to look at what we can do next year! This year we had over 40+ individuals working with us on projects around the UK and worked on some great new experiences!

New Launches are Coming!

In January 2020 we will be doing our yearly big launch of new party packages, services and characters. We have a few surprises up our sleeves this year; and from Monday 13th January we will start to trickle out all of our new additions with a live launch on the Monday too!

The Team for 2020

Heading up the team in the New Year we have a fabulous admin and party team. The lovely Emily will be taking over the day to day admin with Natalie continuing her work as unit manager. We also have the lovely Gorgey who will be joining us late January covering maternity and holidays! Katy will be heading up the party team and making sure everything runs smoothly on that front and of course we have a lovely strong local team who will continue to rock their socks off at your parties! We really do have a brilliant team and one I’m confident will continue to provide a great standard into 2020!

We wish you a Happy New Year!

Finally I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has followed us this year – new or old we are grateful for everyone that supports our business in even the smallest of ways! By reading our blogs, watching our stories and sharing your reviews and pictures – it means a business like us can keep doing what we love and keep alot of very talented people in a job they love! We never take the support we get for granted so a huge thank you and a very Happy New Year to you all.

P.S A huge thank you to all the well wishes I’ve had on my pregnancy too – if you haven’t heard yet….IT’S A GIRL!

August 2019 – We have news!

Yes we have news! (as promised in last months update) – Something rather special is coming to CopyCat in 2020!


Our followers and fans have been with this business from the start and have seen the business grow (as well as family) with my now ‘husband’ (and soon to be little one!)
I’m excited for the challenge of motherhood (as well as running a business too!) and i’m 100% confident we have the perfect team to support the business and keep things going. As a business we pride ourselves on giving great advice and tips for family events and I’m excited to gain more experience in this field and share new experiences! As you can imagine I’m already brimming with party ideas! I’ll be working until I possibly can – those of you that know me well know that’s when I feel the best! The team are all on standby for when I finish too! We are all prepared!

Business will continue as usual and parties will go ahead along with the fantastic events we have planned! We already have some great things booked in for 2020! 

We’ve delayed a couple of new things we had planned just to make sure everyone was trained and ready including our Tipi Parties but we are now back on track for these to launch officially within the next few weeks. 

So now that wonderful news is out of the way let me update you on more!


We are now fully booked for party hosts for December (crazy right!) but we will be launching our Christmas character visits on Monday 2nd September. This year we will still have our popular services, however we will be launching something rather special which is completely unique to us. (You may remember last year me mentioning that there were many companies now offering elves and so we were aiming to offer something unique again) The format of our visits will be different and have a brand new process which will make your visits extra special and something for your little one to remember for a lifetime! 

We are all really excited to show you the details! To be the first to get details please pop us a message on our social media or call us on 0800 023 5903 and we can add you to our mailing list. 


Don’t forget we are casting for local team to join us for parties locally. See more information here. We’re also looking for local actors to join us on a large project in Barnsley over Christmas. If you are interested please email us on 

Top Fans!

If you missed it last month – We’ve decided to reward those of you that have been a top fan for 2 month or more on Facebook! (This is to avoid people doing a little spurt just to become a top fan!) Our top fans will receive 10% off any service they book with us whilst they stay a constant top fan. For full terms and conditions of being a ‘Top Fan’ head here. 

This month our top fans are;

Kirsty Vasey

Rebecca Sykes

Kathy Wilkinson

Kelly Marie Sellers

Emma Cusworth

Keri Kezzaaa

Laura Fletcher

Sally Altass

That’s all for now – thank you for joining my little (big!) update for this month! I’m very excited to keep you all updated in the next few months!

Laura – Owner.

laura headshot copycat







July 2019

Wow – July has been an interesting month! It’s been filled with new events and new plans. Finalising Christmas events and ideas and also talking about 2020! 

Top Fans

Facebook has rolled out a new feature meaning that it lets us know our top fans.

What makes you a Facebook top fan?

Facebook counts interactions, comments, likes and shares to gather who our most interactive followers are. From there they produce the ‘Top Fan’ list!

We’ve decided to reward those of you that have been a top fan for 2 month or more! (This is to avoid people doing a little spurt just to become a top fan!) Our top fans will receive 10% off any service they book with us whilst they stay a constant top fan. For full terms and conditions of being a Top Fan head here. 

Summer Fun Afternoon Teas

Our afternoon teas at The Old George Barnsley have started with a bang!

Our first was the Toy Tea Event and we had so much fun! (Take a peek at the picture below taken by attendee Sara!)

The good news is we have now reduced the price to £11.95! To book one of our afternoon teas simply call us on 0800 023 5903. 

The price includes a 45 minute experience with our characters including a small story line, pictures and autographs! 

Your little one will get a one on one experience with each character making the experience a real treat! jessie woody partyEach experience features between one or two characters and plenty of opportunity to capture those special moments!

To find out more information on the afternoon teas head to our events schedule or call is on 0800 023 5903. 

Casting for Christmas

This August we are casting for local team to join our team on a regular basis! 

Nationally we are casting actors for projects this Christmas in early September. 

If you’d like to find out more details on any of our castings please pop an email to

Working with Black Bee Creative

We’re delighted to announce a new working relationship with the fabulous Steph at Black Bee Creative! Steph has designed a few things for us previously and we’ve now brought her on board to work on some of our more important design work on a monthly basis. Not only will this give us chance to put more time into focusing on other areas within the business it’s also strengthening our relationships and supporting other local business! 

That’s all from me for now – i’m already writing the draft for August and I can tell you there will be some hugely exciting news on that one!

Have a great start to your summer holidays!

Laura – CPC.


June 2019

It’s been a busy few months in our office planning some great things in the next few months! Take a look at our update below!

Events ahoy!

We’re finalising some great events for the summer until the end of the year and we are constantly updating our events schedule. We’re proud to be back at the lovely Old George in Barnsley again and The Metrodome also have us for another bunch of pool parties! If you didn’t join us for the Easter events then you certainly can’t miss out on our summer fun!

Working for Us!

Now has never been a better time to work with us. We have some great new opportunities in our team which are all listed in our ‘Working with Us’ Blog! If you would love to work with us – why not get in touch? 

This months sneak peek!

We’ve been working so hard on the launch for our teepee parties and it’s been a lot harder to organise than we thought. We’ve event done a test run with our products and service and we’ve had some great feedback to work on before we launch. I can say however that we are so close to launching… and even better I can now give you a sneak peek of our pictures of the teepees! This is just one of the themes we can offer for our teepee parties! 
teepee party picture

teepee parties barnsley
To book a party before anyone else you need to be part of our mailing list. To add yourself simply contact us requesting this and we’ll add you right away. As soon as we launch we’ll be sending out an email for our mailing list customers to book first! 

Photo Credit: Gemma Cook who also runs the fabulous Honey Cupcakes!

April 2019

It never slows down in the world of CopyCat…

Well it’s continuing to be a year of brilliant changes here at CopyCat and in just one month we’ve got lot’s of new and exciting things to update you on!

New Team

We’ve appointed the lovely Sally who is now working along side us in costumes work and amendments. Sally is a great addition to the team and we are looking forward to seeing what she can create. Look out for sneak peeks of our new ladies and what they get up to on our stories – both on Facebook and Instagram!

New Casting Date!

Our next casting date has been announced as Thursday 29th August 2019. This is the perfect time to bring people in ready for Christmas work and we can’t wait to see who will be joining us. We already have a great list of potential performers! To add your name and email to our list you should contact us.

poppins afternoon old george

Poppins Afternoon Tea

We held our first Poppins Afternoon Tea at the wonderful Old George in Barnsley. It was absolutely fantastic and we are already in talks to hold more events similar to this in the school holidays! We can’t wait to share these events with you. 


This year our Easter is a little quiet in terms of events. There’s a reason for this in being that I’ve been quite unwell! As a business we aim to put our all into projects and for me this would have proved difficult to create the fantastic events you know and love and present them to venues. Rest assured we are already heading into Summer with some great ideas to launch very soon!

…and last but by certainly no means least…

Meet our new character Dinosaur heading our way in the next 6 months. This will be for events and school visits to begin with and we can’t wait to share where he will be touring around the UK! 
dinosaur hire barnsley

That’s all for now but we’ll be back soon with more updates as always! 

laura headshot copycat

February 2019

Starting with a bang!

This year had truly started off with a bang and with it has come a completely new way of working for us at The CopyCat Party Company. We’ve also had some great meetings with some fantastic new clients and you can find a diary of events here – with new ones being updated regularly!

Team Change around…

Our lovely Hannah left us at the start of the year and we wish her the best in her endeavours. Hannah has been with the business at a time where it has grown and changed significantly and her role had adapted to this. A true team player, she will be missed.  From this we’ve segmented her job role into 3 different roles with the business expanding as it is. 
We’ve already partnered with Sally our new seamstress who is looking forward to new challenges and will bring some exciting new qualities to the team.

We’re currently looking for an events assistant and a PA (for me) For more details of the roles we have head here

Themed Parties Galore!

January saw our yearly launch of new themed packages! We have really thought about packages we think will be longstanding and also what current trends are. To take a look at the themed parties head here. Of course if you don’t want a themed party that’s not a problem! You can take a look at our other party choices here

My personal favourite? The Summer Festival Themed Party      


A brand new service for 2019, we’ve launched our Sleepover parties. Though full details haven’t been released as yet, a sneak peek on our Facebook page send our message inbox into a frenzy! This is a service we’ve wanted to offer for a few years now but we felt now was the right time to launch. More details with be available in the next month. 

Blackpool Magic Convention

The start of February has seen me attending the Blackpool Magic Convention. Something which I now attend every year and is hugely influential in some of the packages and events we supply. This year I picked up some great tips and tricks and i’m excited to add them to what we offer!

Heading into March we have some exciting things planned. We’ll be heading to the Old George for our Poppins Afternoon Tea event and back at Cannon Hall Farm for our first event of the year with them at the Unicorn Disco! For more information on these events head here

So it’s a pretty crackers time here at CopyCat and we’d like to thank you for coming along with the ride and keeping updated with our news! 


laura hawkins copycat

January 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our followers and customers, friends and families! Wow! two months have gone by and we have so much to catch up on. January is my favourite time of year for our business. It’s always the busiest for taking bookings and it’s also the time we launch lot’s of new things too! Our team took a few well deserved days off over the holidays and everyone is excited to be back and raring to go!


funny elf visits at homeOh what a great Christmas! Our Christmas characters had a fantastic time over the seasonal period at homes and venues around the country. December saw us reach more people than ever before with a record amount of events and bookings. We’ve had some great feedback yet again with our mischievous elves and we’re already looking at Christmas next year. This year – look out for a new style outfit and visit format for our elves to keep us even more unique to the rest! Sadly we were a victim of copycatting (ironic ey!) and despite having this look for a number of years now we feel strongly about staying unique for this service. We are looking forward to designing something fantastic with our team!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Experience

bibbidi bobbidi experience godmother

We had our first Bibbidi Bobbidi Experience and it was so much fun! We’re already looking at ways to recreate this again this year and so proud of creating a magical unique event. We’ll be adding a blog in the near future with pictures from the event. Big Thanks to Blush Photography and Dolly Photography for pictures on the day. We’ve had excellent feedback and pictures sent too! We also have to say a huge thanks to our team. This was a profit share event (first we’ve ever done!) meaning if the event didn’t make money then neither did we – it was a new event and the outlay was crackers! It’s a testament to their commitment and loyalty that they agreed to this and a great day was had by all. I truly am thankful for all the support we have had and from the feedback it’s certainly one I am glad we have run and will run again!

Working with Clients

This next few weeks sees us finalising some great events for 2019 with both new and old clients. We’ve already launched the fantastic Unicorn Party at Cannon Hall Farm which is just one of the brilliant party weekends we have planned with the farm this year.

We will keep everyone informed of events with our clients as much as possible and if you have any suggestions on themes let us know!

unicorn party at farm

New Party Packages

Creating new party packages based on trending and classic themes is something i absolutely love and this year sees the return our our week long party package launches. There’s some fantastic themes this year and some great new ideas. We’ve also got a few new characters heading our direction!

New Look!

New year means new look! We’ll slowly be changing our branding. We’ve always been very pink and though we love this we also want a new fresh look so we’ll be adding another colour in the mix very soon! Expect this to spill into our uniforms and more too. We pride ourselves on being fresh and funky and our new branding will reflect this!


We’ll be casting later this month for new team. If you know anyone that would be great for our team please let us know. For further details head here. We are looking for exceptional team members with strong commitment. 2019 is shaping up to be a great one and we need our best team ready for it!

So that’s all for now – so much more to say but for now it’s all i can reveal! Eeek – looking forward to the next update!

Laura – Owner – CPC

November 2018

The time we missed celebrating our birthday!…

So yesterday it was our 7th birthday!

It’s not like me to miss a birthday! – but after a whirlwind of a Halloween and straight to a location photo shoot and  a busy office on Thursday; the day passed by so quickly!

Fast forward to today. 6pm. I’m now sat reflecting on our amazing business.

First of all you note i say ‘our‘ – I always do. Yes – technically it’s my name on the business. It does however belong to every single one of our 50+ team (local and national) that are currently working alongside us. This business wouldn’t be the same without the hard work of every single one of our team. They truly make it fantastic. They are hardworking, dedicated and heaps of fun to be around. They understand the need to develop their skills and are always learning new ways to be the best they can be. So i guess i’d like to say a huge thank you to them first!


…whilst working with the wonderful Alhambra shopping centre this week – a number of people came up to me to compliment the team working and mention they follow us to all our events and book parties regularly. This happens regularly on our events and is absolutely wonderful to hear. I am so proud that we have created a brand you love and trust to follow! So thank you to our regular customers and our loyal followers. We know who you are and if we don’t; introduce yourself please!

Lastly i want to say that we are dedicated as a business to come up with new ways of entertaining children and families and we will never stop doing this. We absolutely love what we do and for that reason i will be blowing out a candle this evening with a big smile on my face to say,


October 2018

I think it’s about time we popped an update on what has been a very busy summer and autumn start! We’ve been having so much fun and i’m looking forward to sharing what we’ve been up to and future plans.

First of all…Bibbidi Bobbidi!

A event that’s been 3 years in the making – we finally launched our Bibbidi Bobbidi Experience. This is something I’ve wanted to launch for so long but the business has never been in the right position to do so. It’s the biggest event we’ve worked on production and cost wise and things are so exciting! The event will be on the 27th December and be an amazing Christmas present. The attention to detail on this event is amazing and the team have had some great ideas. We’ll be doing some training in the next month so we’ll keep you updated on that!

The elves are back!

Speaking of Christmas! The elves are back for their 5th year! Hugely popular as always our elves are cheekier and more fun than ever with each elf having their own personality! Take a look at more details here.

elf visits home

…and so is the man in red!

Yes – our Father Christmas is back for a second year and this year is proving busy! We have 2 team able to do this role! This year we’ve invested in materials to make sure he is more realistic than ever; you can find him at a number of events over Christmas as well as book him for home visits!

New Team!

We recently had a casting and are introducing 5 new members to our team. Each one brings a unique quality to our team and we can’t wait to share with you how they progress. For details on our next casting – keep an eye on the casting page.

New Photos!

We had a fantastic photo shoot with the wonderful Masque Photography last month. This means new promotional pictures and up to date looks for our characters! Take a look at our newly updated character page!


Last of all we can’t forget Halloween! This year we’re working with a number of venues to provide a range of different Halloween experiences to suit everyone. To take a look at where we are this Halloween head to our handy blog here.

Safe to say we’ve been busy and this next season is an exciting one! Please keep supporting us where you can – your shares, word of mouth and general support means so much to us!


laura hawkins copycat

Photo credit: Masque Photography.

Older updates: June 2018

Wow – there’s so much to update you guys about! Starting in June, but I figured a great way to keep everyone updated with us was to write a personal blog. We’ve had such a crazy few months I wanted to keep you all in the loop as to what’s happening.

First of all….UNICORNS!

Thanks to everyone that supported us in The Unicorn Festival at Cannon Hall Farm at the end of May. The event was a huge success and one of the most well reviewed, 5* events they have ever done there. It has been my favourite project I’ve worked on to date and I know the team thoroughly enjoyed working there. There are too many thanks to mention but a special thanks to the team who made it a truly great project to work on. I’ve never been more proud of the team and I had several ‘moments’ when strangers were finding me out to say what a wonderful time they were having.

Our next event with Cannon Hall Farm is The Princess Party and tickets are selling fast! We also have some great projects lined up there and we can’t wait to give you more details in the next few months.

New Clients

With a new month has come new clients – we’ve been delighted to do our first event with the brilliant Bluebell Dairy in Derby and are in talks with many other venues to create some magical events for families around the UK. We also worked with Porsche for the first time in helping them to celebrate their 70th Birthday at Tankersley Manor. As always with any public events we are involved in we will do our best to keep you updated! Do make sure you follow us on all social networks!

Investment in our resources and team

At the start of the year our prices went up – this was never a secret and the reason for this was we are committed to providing the best possible service to you, our customer. This includes providing the best possible resources and raising our prices has started to cover this. We are currently in the middle of a huge overhaul of our costumes and wigs which means better quality and new costumes coming your way. We’ve recently upgraded three of our most favourite characters of which you will soon see pictures. We also have a new character joining us soon! Keep your eyes peeled for more!

We are also investing in extra training for the team – we have a very experienced former member of a multi national corporation coming in to train our team in the same ways you would see at parks and other high profile venues around the world. This is extremely exciting and we are already seeing some great results in our teams work.


Whilst in the last few stages of arranging a Unicorn festival we also had GDPR to look at! This is something we knew we was coming but didn’t anticipate how much work this would be. We are still working through new procedures on keeping your data as safe as ever. As part of this we’ve created new contracts for our team and looked at a new way of working. You can find all details on how we store data on our privacy policy. For those of you that would like to receive our latest news head here.

Goodbye for now!…

So it’s a pretty lengthy update but one I’m hoping explains why we’ve not been posting as much as usual on our social networks. Rest assured we are back on form and will be filling your feed full of magical memories created by our wonderful team.


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