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Character Visits for Schools

Character Visits for Schools

Thinking of doing something different at your school? Having a themed character can be a great way for children to learn exciting new things!

Working with your teachers we can help reinforce your teaching and topic information.
They can also be brought in purely as a reward for pupils! They can be great fun and make some great memories!

Popular Questions

What characters can you book?

You are able to book characters from our character list. You are also able to request specialised character to suit your topics. The cost will depend on this.

What will you do?

This will depend on the criteria discussed previously on booking. Our team can work with your teachers to educate our team on the topics you are studying.
If looking at a reward visit – the character can sing a long to their favourite songs and entertain the children with talk of their character and their background story.

Do the characters require a DBS?

No – character entertainers do not fit the criteria to require a DBS for work in schools.
For details on this head to the DBS website or this brilliantly put blog here.

Your school may ask for one as part of their safeguarding policy and for this reason we will happily partake in one requested by the school.
Please note: To provide a DBS we have had previously wouldn’t be valid; disputed and be against your schools safeguarding policy and the law.

If your school would like to request one for our visit please let us know. Be aware that this can take up to 6 months.
For more information please contact our industry representative Equity.

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