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Character Visits at Home

Character Visits at Home

One of the most popular questions we get asked about our characters is;

Do you do character visits in homes?

The answer is simply – yes!

In fact, this is how we first started. Home visits were already hugely popular before our introduction of party packages and other entertainment services and are still a popular favourite.  

If you are looking at a home party or if your little one doesn’t like the hustle and bustle of a big party then this can be a lovely option and something which is a magical and enchanting experience.

Home visits are tailored to your little one and the family. There are many reasons you can invite your guest to your home including the following;

  • A Reward
  • A Birthday Party
  • Introduction to characters
  • Holiday Reveal
  • Baby Reveal / Gender Reveal
  • Reveal special news
  • The introduction of a pet

All of the above we have been involved in previously and each one has left special memories in our minds!

For more details on character visits head here.

sleeping princess visit

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