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The benefits of having a weekday birthday party for your child.

The benefits of having a weekday birthday party for your child.

Are you looking at holding a weekday birthday party?

Back when i was younger; I remember parties happening most days of the week! Whatever the type of the party – any day of the week was good for a party.
Nowadays it seems most parents aim for a weekend birthday party and whilst it’s great; we’d also like to introduce you to some great reasons why having a party on a weekday isn’t a bad idea at all! In fact there’s some great benefits!

1. Availability of Guests

Guests are less likely to turn your invitation down during the week as they won’t be away for the weekend and in the area for school.

2. Availability of Suppliers

Entertainment, Venues and other suppliers will have more availability during the week and it will be easier to book what you’d love to have at your party!

3. Reminders

It’s easy to remind parents on the playground on the day and the days leading up to the party!

4. Birthdays

A birthday party on the actual birthday of your child can make the day extra special! After a day of school it’s a great way to celebrate after!

5. Clashes

You’re less likely to clash with other parties by having your party away from a weekend and guests are more likely to stay for the full party!

Did you have your party on a weekday? Do you have any more benefits we can add to our blog? Let us know!

Laura – CPC

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