Working with other business.

‘Is there any other businesses working alongside us on the day?’

This is a question we ask all our customers when booking with us.

Why do we ask this?

Our aim is to make your party as successful as it can be. By asking this question doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t want to work alongside other people – it just means we want to make sure we can do it in the most successful way possible.

Hiring a Face Painter?

There’s some great painters out there and we’ve worked with some truly amazing ones!
If booking a painter with our DJ – we would kindly ask that they work to a ticket service so that the children don’t spend the party lined up and miss out on activities planned with the entertainment. We can certainly help facilitate this with our services too.
You want to get the most out of all the services you have booked and by doing thousands of parties we’ve found this is the best way to work alongside an outside painter.

Knowing who they are.

There are some amazing face painters – there are also some – dare we say it – ‘not so amazing’ and by this we mean working without insurance and FDA approved paints. Please do check this before tour party.
As a conflict of interest we also don’t want party guests to think it’s us (as it’s a service we do provide) So if we know who the business is we can give them a hefty shout out.

Hiring Characters?

Character Companies
We don’t currently work alongside any other character companies. The rest of our team can be identified by our team clothing however characters cannot be distinguished.
For this reason we don’t work alongside other character companies with any of our services. Each business has their way of working and often this is can be very different to us and a be a huge conflict of interest.

DJ and Party Hosts

We do work alongside other stand alone DJs however we also ask for the name of the DJ and business. This is because we like to contact the DJ in advance to explain how our service works and how we can work the best together.

We don’t work with any other DJ or party hosts that offer the same services as us as this is a conflict of interest.

…and finally

We are hugely protective of our business and brand and about making your party as successful as possible. By following these ways of working we’ve found this has helped with this and continues us to create some great memories for your little ones.

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