Working with Children and Families – Safety and Care

As a team we are extremely passionate about the safety and care of our guests. Which is why we wanted to do this blog to provide some helpful information about how we work and what we do to maintain a safe environment for our guests at parties and events.


What is a DBS check?

The Disclosure Barring Service formally came into being in December 2012 following the merger of merger of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). All our associates which work in various roles on behalf of our business are self employed.

We have provided this government link on this subject and if you have any other questions we can happily contact you.

Do entertainers require one ?

As entertainers we do not require a DBS check . Due to the nature of our family aimed events – children are never left alone with our team of entertainers.
To put it in perspective it would be the same as asking all of your adult guests to obtain one.

You are however very welcome to request a DBS check for your particular booking.
All individuals who work with The CopyCat Party Company understand are willing to partake in any requested DBS check. This is a standard charge which will be added to your total payment. We strongly advise requesting one 6 weeks + to your booking.

Again we would note before going ahead with a DBS request the eligibility of the job role itself.

Can you obtain a general one?

As each job our entertainers do varies; we cannot apply for a general one as this would potentially risk a ‘Disclosure Dispute’ which means it would not be valid for other bookings away from the original booking.
A non valid dispute is the same as not having one.

Want more information? Here’s a helpful blog from our friend Jelly Jade! You can also take a look at the DBS website here.

What do I do if my venue asks for one?

One of the reasons we have done this blog is to explain and educate where anyone may be unsure or reiterating the wrong information on the legalities of safety and care for families. Many venues may ask this as part of their policy however it is not legally enforceable and to refuse us to a venue would be ignorant to the service that we offer.
We’d always advise sending this link or popping us a call.


All of our sub contracted entertainers are covered by our insurance policy. We are happy to provide this on the day of your booking. We don’t provide this before as this risks data protection and avoids alot of hefty admin!
Legally we have to provide employers liability which we will happily provide if requested before the day of the booking to bring with us.

Risk Assessments

We do have basic risk assessments which are team are briefed on before starting work alongside us. We do however ask the team to assess risks as soon as they can before and during the booking. If they feel safety is compromised at any point they will inform the contact of the booking.

…and finally.

We will always do our best to help create a safe and fun environment for families. If you feel this is compromised at any point or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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