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The CopyCat Party Company Blog

The Fiver Party

Our owner Laura takes a look at this popular American craze and discusses the pros and cons of the ‘Fiver Party’.

A popular craze to hit America and becoming increasingly popular in the UK is the ‘Fiver’ party.
We were recently introduced to the ‘Fiver Party’ via an article online and we certainly wanted to check it out along with get your views!

What’s the idea?

It’s pretty simple! – Instead of buying a child a present – each guest comes with ?5 as a gift. The money they collect is then spent on an item that they really want.

Points to make…

  • It’s Easy For Parents! No more last minute shopping for a party in which you don’t have a clue what to buy!
  • It’s Budget Friendly too! ?5! How much would you usually spend on a toy that you’re not even sure they want?
  • It removes the expectation of getting presents – this could be a good thing or bad thing! I used to love the idea of getting lots of presents from friends at my birthday and still enjoy my friends coming around.
  • Its environmentally friendly! – You know we’re trying our best and we know most of you guys are too and this is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic toys!

    it’s certainly an interesting idea and we think with the right presentation to your little one you can certainly build it up and advertise the one big present! It means they really have to put thought into what they’d like and come up with something they will certainly cherish more.

How do you approach the idea guests?

Option 1 – Send them this link! Why not? Share amounts friends and family if you aren’t sure how they’ll take it and get their opinion.

Option 2 – Write out your party invitations as you normally would and add that it’s a fiver party. If you don’t have enough room to explain what this is on the invitation, you could explain it on the back or provide a handy link to our blog there.
We’d suggest wording such as; Talulah is having a fiver party! She really wants a ‘Insert Present Here’. If you were thinking of purchasing a gift we’d love it if you could put ?5 instead towards her dream gift! As well as being environmentally friendly it also means you don’t have to worry about what gift to buy!

You could even present your child with the present at the party for his friends to see what they all gave him, or you could save this for after everyone has gone home.

So what do you think? Is this trend going to become more popular? We certainly like the idea of it but would love to get your thoughts!

Bye for now!

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