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What are CopyCat Points?

What are CopyCat Points?

We have recently been using our new, very own CopyCat Points scoring system more and more with our virtual online parties hosted on both Facebook and Zoom!

Our CopyCat Points are virtual points your child receives by playing games, dancing, singing or trying their best at everything! This could be at a venue or online party! Points are then exchanged for a prize* at the end of a party or when you see one of our party hosts at a future party!

During lockdown we have promoted and encouraged the use of these points more and more. This creates a fun and exciting challenge for your little ones each week, gathering as many points as they can! You – as adults can also give them points, too! We believe this helps children feel engaged, challenged and motivated as well as making games lots and lots of fun!

So why not join us at one of our online discos or simply listen out for ways to earn points! If you wish to enquire or book an online party for your little ones, please feel free to contact us.

*Prizes will be given as small party favours and could include medals or bubbles!

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