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CopyCat Collaborators

Going forward – We’re looking to work with a host of individuals that we will call our ‘CopyCat Collaborators’. Bloggers and influencers who are interested in family entertainment and days out.
As part of our mission to work on being the best in our field we are looking to work with individuals that can support and help us grow by gaining great feedback and relationships.

Why are we doing this?

We already have a great following on our social media and have fantastic reviews! So why are we doing this? We would love to bring our experiences to people who might not necessarily take the plunge to trying an experience; that may be a little out of budget; or they just aren’t sure on if it’s for them! It’s also great to get feedback from individuals who have experience in attending similar events.

How it works

We strongly believe in offering our paying customers the best we can offer which is why we won’t be offering experiences free for the time being. Instead each experience or service will be offered at cost to the business to gain feedback and promotion. Individuals will not be paid directly. This is because we strongly believe in the authenticity of the feedback and promotion. Individuals will be offered experiences but will only be expected to take them if this is something they are genuinely interested in.

Who we are looking for.

Though we’re looking for established collaborators we’d also like to speak with individuals wanting to branch out into the industry. From there we can support them to grow as we do too!
We are looking for people that are genuinely interested in family entertainment and experiencing new things with their children.

This is a new experience for us and we’re looking forward to meeting with people who have the same love for family entertainment and adventures as we do too!

Thing you fit the bill? Let us know by contacting us!