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Easter Entertainment

We are looking to a very different Easter 2021 and with this in mind we’d like to introduce our COVID-19 friendly Easter Entertainment and services. Similar to Christmas 2020, the restrictions are as such we can offer outdoor friendly services. So take a peek and if you’d like to request a visit then please complete our request form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Please note: Pictures are limited with our kits due to the very tight turnaround of lockdown restrictions being released and Brexit delays. Please believe us when we say we think these kits are our best yet!

Pop Up Tea Party Visits!

Join the eccentric characters of Wonderland this Easter as they become lost in the magical land of Yorkshire! It’s a good job they’ve brought tea because they’re going to need it to help get back to wonderland with the help of your little one!

This Easter we will have our wonderland team out with a pop-up table and chair to surprise you with a tea party!
Our Maddest Hatter (if you loved our Green grump at Christmas you’ll love the Hatter!), Red Queen (hilarious and bonkers! ) and Wonderland Princess (delightful and enchanting) are available for bookings to do a social distanced visit!
Your very own tea party kit includes;

  • Cup and Saucer (Wonderland themed)
  • Small Wonderland Plate
  • A beautiful dessert dome with a small sweet treat inside supplied by our friends at Sweet Sisters Cakery. (A non food alternative is available)
  • A ‘Suitably Mad’ Certificate signed by your character!
  • ‘Drink Me’ glass vial with orange juice (alternative is available)

    Visit cost £35 (excluding any fuel cost that may be applicable)

Easter Bunny Visits

Join our bunny team as they share with you the magic of Easter and where Easter eggs come from. From the Easter egg tree, to the bunny magic and putting out bunny food for the Easter bunny to follow on the right day!

Our Easter bunny visits have a twist like to other! This year, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny will visiting alongside their very own Bunnyhopper Assistant! Bunnyhopper works in Easterland and plants all of the Easter egg trees!

Your Easter Kit Includes;

  • Bunny Ears Hessian Bag
  • Easter Bunny Certificate signed by your character.
  • A mini Easter Tree in a small pot with real soil!
  • Easter Wish Bag
  • Bunny Food

As with all our services, we put our all into the experience that you will be getting from us and aim to offer something different to others! We hope you love our ideas!

Visit cost £40 (excluding any fuel cost that may be applicable)


How long are the visits?

Each Easter visit will be 15 minutes long, socially distanced and fully risk assessed. There is a fuel charge should your booking be over 10 miles away from our base (S74 9SB).

What dates can we book?

Friday 2nd April 2021
Saturday 3rd April 2021
Sunday 4th April 2021
Monday 5th April 2021

Can I add more kits to my booking?

You most certainly can! This year our kits are the best we’ve had for Easter and you can add more at £8.99 each up to 5 kits. £7.99 for 5+.

How do we book?

If you are interested in booking any of our Easter Entertainment services, please complete a request form and we will get back to you as soon as we can! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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