Elf Experience

Each December we bring our Enchanting elf experience to homes around the UK. Over the years we’ve taken some great feedback on our visits and have worked on perfecting a truly magical service.

Prior to your visit…

The excitement of the visit begins the week before your booking once you have received your courtesy call. Following this you will be sent an email and link to information on your elf. Each elf has a different personality, name, likes and dislikes. This is a great way to get your little one excited!

The Elves

Our elf uniforms are authentic and fun and shows each elf to have their individual style and personality. We’ve worked hard to ensure that they are unique and as believable and magical as possible! They even have their own styled elf shoes which are the subject of lots of conversation when you meet them.

The Visit

Your elf will arrive with bells ringing at your doorstep – they will bring a Christmas sack and explain what’s inside. They tell stories of the North Pole and also join in with any activities you may have planned – but don’t worry if you have nothing planned, our elves have a few fun tricks up their sleeves. We’d advise getting all the family involved as it really brings the child out in all family members!

Your Gifts

Our elves bring a traditional Hessian sack with the following*;

– Red Santa Key

– Honorary Elf Certificate

– Reindeer Food in Mesh Bag

– To Decorate Elf Door

– Santa Letter to give at a later date.

Christmas Eve Extras

For the Christmas Eve bookings there is an additional charge of £10 per Elf.


Each visit is half an hour. We feel this is the perfect amount of time to keep the visits magical, enchanting and leave you in a flurry of excitement ready for Christmas!

Classic Elf Visit – £50 (£65 CE*)

2 Elves – £90 (£120 CE*)

What if i have more than one special guest?

One traditional sack is included per elf. Below are itemised charges you may wish to order to your booking.

Itemised Extras

Elf Certificate £1.50
Santa Letter £1.50
Elf Key £3
Reindeer Food in Mesh Bag £2
Make Your Own Elf Door £3

Complete Set (includes all above):  £9
Sacks without booked visit: £10

To book your Enchanted Elf Experience call

0800 023 5903

enchanted elf visits barnsley
*We may substitute one of the items for something just as magical depending on availability. You will be informed of this prior to your booking.
*Fuel charges will apply for areas outside Barnsley.
*Usual terms and conditions apply.