The Esme Inspire Party

Introducing our ‘Esme’ Inspire party. One of our popular Inspire Parties, this package is named after Esme, our inspiration for this particular package.

The Esme party is one hour long and features a party host and assistant for short games which last no longer than 5 minutes each. Some games may last 10 minutes if more active and interactive games.

During your party there would be no other activities or distractions to encourage the activities and games run by the host.

Lunch is encouraged after the party.

This particular package doesn’t feature Makaton but does encourage sensory play with a range of fun and colourful games.

Your guests will also be welcomed to use a working microphone and be able to touch lights and feel the vibration of low volume sound equipment.

Bubbles and Lights will be prominent throughout the party*
*Due to safety an industrial bubble machine won’t be used.

Music in the party will be a playlist of your little ones favourite songs taken before the day with small dances encouraged for your favourites.

This Inspire party also includes;

  • Games with no winners – everyone had a participation reward at the end of each game. These are small tokens such as a sticker or small toy
  • Certificates at the end of the party for all party guests.
  • Flexibility on the day for changes

We would always welcome a character to your party though this would be at any extra cost to the price listed below.