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FAQS Tipi Parties

Who is the ‘house host’?

The house host is the adult that has booked the party. It is their responsibility to check the dimentions and area that the party will be set up in. They are expected to have all permissions from children attending the party.

Who is the ‘party host’?

The party host is the host from The CopyCat Party Co. They will run the party part of the sleepover!

What are the prices?

Though we are working on more detailed pages for the parties and starting prices – our parties do depend on the theme and location of your party. To obtain an accurate cost please contact us for a no obligation quote.

What are typical timings for a party?

Each tipi party usually begins between 5 and 7pm with the host arriving to set up one hour prior to this.
The host will be at the tipi party for one hour and will provide games and entertainment during this time. This can vary with themes and ages.

What should I prepare for the sleepover?

The house host must check the dimensions of the room of where the sleepover will be. It is the house hosts responsibility to make sure that the ordered amount of tipis can fit in the area required. No refunds can be given should the amount of tipis not be used as booked.

Does the host sleepover?

No – the host leaves after an hour of party fun and games. They will be there a total of 2 hours including set up. They will return the next day to pick up.

Do you provide decorations for the tipis?

Yes – We provide decoration for the tipis based on your theme along with a blow up mattress, pillows and bedding. You will be asked to sign a document which lists everything used on the day of your booking for checking on return.

Do you have any tips?

We advise the guests of the tipi party to be in another room whilst setup occurs. On entrance it then gives the wow factor to your guests.

Whilst having fun is essential we would advise having nothing that could stain covers and materials. This would be subject to a cleaning cost which would be payable on collection.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Sleepover parties must be in a home environment.

Each tipi party must have one adult in attendance / watching on our ‘Copycat Cam’ at all times in accordance to our safeguarding and health and safety policy.

The CopyCat Party Company hold no responsibility should the house host have wrongly estimated the space of the tipis.

The final number of guests must be confirmed a week before your booking.

Once the party is set; the home host is asked to check the setting and tipis and extras for damage and sign a form which states that they will pay for any damage or repair. This will then be assessed on pick up of tipis. The host is liable for any damage or staining of the tipis.

The repair/replace cost will be given in your confirmation documents. The host may be charged a deposit fee which will be refunded following pick up.

The home host must be available to welcome the party host one hour before the party for set up.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask and contact us – this is a new service for 2020 and we welcome any feedback 🙂