Meet The Elves

We’d love to introduce you to some of our elves for 2020! The elves below you will find heading to homes around Yorkshire for the North Pole Mail drop offs and also are available to be very special pen pals this year!

Can’t find the perfect elf? Let us know and we’ll look to create a special one just for you!

Floss McFizzleberry

Floss is the sweetest elf around and works in the candy cane factory making all of the sweet treats in the North Pole! In fact just recently Floss became the ‘Chief Taste Tester’ which means she gets to sample all of the delicious treats made for Christmas! Floss is cheeky and loves to play games when she isn’t working.She loves making new friends and loves to teach them about making sweets and making sure you brush your teeth after having them!

Floss is currently available on Christmas Eve.

Curly McFizzleberry

The bigger sister to Floss – Curly is one of the cheekiest elves around! Curly looks after all of the little elves in the North Pole and helps to run Elf School! This means that all the little elves learn all the important things about becoming a good elf! Curly loves Chocolate and dancing with little elves!

Sprinkle Sleighman

Sprinkle has a very special job in the North Pole. She gets to help load all of the presents onto the sleigh ready for Christmas Eve! Many family members of Sprinkle did this before her and she’s very proud to continue her family tradition! Sprinkle loves Winter as that’s when it’s almost time to start sending all of the presents to boys and girls! Her favourite reindeer is Dancer; this is because Sprinkle and dancer love to dance whilst preparing the sleigh!

Sprinkle is currently available on Christmas Eve.

Sparkle Baker

Sparkle is a personal assistant to Mrs Claus and helps in making all of the special homemade treats which keep Father Christmas happy whilst writing out his nice lists. Sparkle hopes to become the master baker when she is older and has some great ideas. Sometimes Mrs Claus let’s her experiment with new flavours to try in her cookies! This is her favourite thing to do!

Sparkle is currently available on Christmas Eve.

Doodles Crackerjacker

Doodles is one of the silliest elves in the North Pole. Doodles wraps all of the presents in the North Pole with a few friends and is extremely good at it too! Sometimes if the elves are behind with presents she likes to have a snowball fight using the wrapping paper left over! She also likes to play games with the other elves and her favourite game is hiding present bows for everyone to find!

Doodles is currently available on Christmas Eve.

Kandie Kane

Kandie is a very talented elf and is the head of all entertainment and dance at the North Pole! She loves to create shows to entertain the elves and Father Christmas and is extremely loved by all! If you’re lucky to meet Kandie she may show you some of her very special moves! Kandie is always coming up with creative ways to keep the North Pole residents entertained!

Kandie is currently available on Christmas Eve.

Ruffles Styler

Ruffles has a very special job in the North Pole! She styles all of the reindeers in the North Pole! She makes sure that each of the North Pole reindeers have the very best coats and accessories (especially when delivering presents on Christmas Eve) Ruffles is extremely organised and loves to colour, draw and design new clothes for everyone around her!

Bobby Tappytoes

Bobby is a very excitable elf who makes toys in the workshop! Bobby loves to tap his feet and sing whilst making the toys and this helps add some extra Christmas magic in the workshop. All the elves loves Bobby and his songs. The workshop wouldn’t be the same without him! Bobbys favourite song to sing is ‘Last Christmas’

Bobby is not available on Christmas Eve.

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