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Mr and Mrs Santa Claus Home Visit

Embrace the Wonder with our Santa Claus visits!

Close your eyes and imagine the gentle hush of snow falling outside, the air crisp with the promise of magic. Could it be? Yes, it is! The timeless figure of Father Christmas himself is about to step into your home, carrying with him the very essence of the holiday season.

With each measured step, his boots create a rhythm that echoes through your home. The anticipation is palpable as his silhouette appears in the doorway. He stands tall, his eyes kind and knowing, a twinkle of ancient wisdom reflecting the mysteries of countless Christmases past.

Father Christmas speaks, his voice a harmonious blend of comfort and celebration. His stories are ageless, a melange of adventures and legends from distant lands, woven together with the golden thread of his deep, resonant laughter. Every word feels like a gift, unwrapped slowly to reveal the treasures of time honoured wisdom and boundless compassion.

With a flourish, he produces a sack – not just a simple bag, but a vessel of infinite possibility. From within, he conjures surprises tailored to each heart present. A toy, a trinket, or perhaps a symbol of a secret wish shared only in quiet moments. These gifts are more than mere objects; they’re tokens of his understanding, his acknowledgment of the dreams you hold dear.

A visit from Father Christmas is not just an event; it’s a timeless journey into the heart of tradition and magic. It’s a reminder that wonder and joy are not confined to childhood – they’re woven into the very fabric of our existence.

Prior To Your Visit

Once your booking is secure, we will send you a confirmation email containing a link to an Extra Information form. Here you can fill in a few extra details you would like your visiting character to know or mention at the booking. This means your booking is unique and will have that extra magical touch!

What is included with the visit?

Your visit will include one beautiful velvet-look bag with some very special treats inside! If booking both characters, still one gift bag is included to cover the discount you receive.

What if I have more than one special guest?

To add additional gift bags or extras, head to our festive Christmas Shop (launches soon!). You can also give your own gifts for your characters to hand out before they begin their visit.

How long are the visits?

Santa Claus visits are 30-minutes long. We feel this is the perfect amount of time to keep the visits magical, enchanting and leave you in a flurry of excitement ready for Christmas!


Santa Claus – £65 (£85 Christmas Eve)*
Both characters – £120 (Mrs. Claus is only available on selected dates)

*Prices within 10 miles of our unit. A fuel charge will apply if outside 10 miles.

To Book

Simply fill in our booking request form and we will contact you back as soon as possible with our availability!

Take a look at some of his fantastic reviews!

We just had a party with Santa and he was amazing!! We know he is very busy so the children, even the older ‘questioners’ were amazed that the real Santa came to our party! We hope he can make it next year.

Jennie Paszke

My daughter has had her Santa visit this evening. Oh my, what a lovely experience it was for our family. I knew he would be brilliant with having LaLa the Elf the last couple of years but this has blown us away. I have a feeling this may be our last year of believing and at least now I know this year has been so special for my little girl, she believes with all she has tonight and that’s because of you all at the copycat company

Tracey Jepson