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The Bibbidi Bobbidi Experience

Step inside this enchanted Bibbidi Bobbidi Experience and have a magical day!

A Royal Entrance

Guests will receive an invitation by mail or by special Christmas Eve visit. Guests will head to the royal entrance where invitations will be accepted at the door by a royal assistant. You will then be led to the Royal waiting room.?

Royal Waiting Room

A waiting room like no other. You will be given a makeover menu ready for the next room. You’ll also see crowns and tiaras from well known princesses and try them on with the help of an assistant! The princess museum will include dresses of well known princesses which you are able to have your pictures taken with along with other special accessories. There will be activities and entertainment from a royal footman whilst you are waiting for a make over experience.

Dreams of Being a Princess…

Share the fun as your little one enjoys a royal head-to-toe transformation. With the wave of a wand and a few tricks of the trade from our fairy godmothers in training, they will pamper and primp your child until they are storybook ready! Ready to dance at a ball or head onto wonderful fairy tale adventures.

Transformation Area?

Your little one may be first escorted to choose their pre booked outfit* They are then taken for imperial hair styling, make up and nails painted by skilled palace apprentices. Then comes the first wow moment – the first glimpse in the royal mirror! Little ones are invited to view themselves in the mirror for the first time. After the transformation is complete each little one will receive a certificate to take into the next room and meet our royal photographer to have a picture taken for a?royal memory photograph on mounted card?at the end of the experience.

At this stage there will also be a magical Treasure Box Stall where little ones will be able to purchase wands that may have been forgotten. This is the only additional charge on the day and is completely optional.

Godmothers in Training

Guests are taken into the Fairy Godmother chamber where they will complete their royal training with none other than the fairy Godmother herself!?They will learn how to dance at a ball, how to entertain royal guests and also how to meet royalty…!

Watch Dreams Come True!

Guests will lastly head to a fairy lit fairy tale barn where they will hear the chimes of a clock and an announcement to say that our royal princess has arrived! Our glass slipper princess appears to the wonderment of the guests and sits alongside them to have a royal tea buffet. When the clock strikes it’s time to leave but not before a few final photos with your royal princess and an autograph on your invitation.

Enchanting Goodbyes…

Leaving with your extras don’t forget to take your memory photo before your leave your magical day. The experience lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes and is sure to leave your little ones amazed and feeling special.

The cost of each ticket is ?120.

To recap this includes;

  • Personalised Invitation sent to any given address.
  • Red Carpet experience with footmen.
  • Royal waiting area with entertainment, princess museum, royal menu and event guide.
  • Head-to-Toe Royal transformation including hair, make up and nails.
  • Royal Certificate
  • Fairy Godmother Training
  • Royal Tea with The Glass Slipper Princess
  • Photo opportunities with Royal Guests
  • A memory photo on mounted card.

*Additional Extras

  • A magical Christmas eve home visit from the fairy Godmother or Footman who will reveal that your little one will be heading to the event! A wonderful Christmas surprise and a great way to break the news to your little ones!
  • Choose a royal Disney outfit for on the day that will help transform your little one into a prince or princess. In the Transformation Room they will firstly be taken to change into their specially selected outfit (You can choose here and quote on booking)

Extras can be added to your booking at any point depending on availability and location.

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How long does each experience last?

The experience from the transformation room lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. We’d advise arriving 20 minutes before your session time to make the most of the royal waiting area and acquainted with the venue. At just under 2 hours this is the average time for a childrens party so we know your little ones will enjoy the experience.

What age is the event suitable for?

We would say the event is suitable for ages 3-9 years of age. We do have a special session for 3-4 year olds that may find the experience a little daunting. Please ask us about this on booking.

How many tickets will be sold for each session?

At the moment we are aiming for no more than 15 in each session. As this is a VIP experience we want to make sure we give as much attention to your little ones and make it an experience like no other.

What hair and make up styles will be available??

Each hair and make up style will be a classic look suitable for a child. We ask that adults are confident their child will be happy to have a small amount of make up, glitter and hair accessories in their hair. If this is not the case on the day, our team can make the decision not to go ahead if they feel you child will be uncomfortable. You will be sent an email closer to the date as a sneak peek of the styles available.

What if my child has allergies?

A list of products used on the day will be sent in a confirmation email. If this changes – customers will be informed. Any other allergies must be noted on booking. The CopyCat Party company are not liable for any allergies on the day or following the event. There will be a small face paint option on the day instead of make up.

What if the outfit doesn’t fit?

We will try to have other sizes available on the day where we can. Our booking team will advise on sizing as Disney sizes can be slightly small. We advise for you to bring your own outfit as a back up. We certainly don’t want to disappoint anyone so this would avoid such a thing. The cost of the dress is non refundable.

Is food supplied for adults?

Food is only supplied for the child that the ticket is for. We cannot add more for each session but the venue itself does serve food and drinks should you wish to eat before, during or after. There is also a bar area outside the royal rooms which is easily accessible at all times.

Is there a limit on adults?

Due to health and safety we ask politely that a maximum of two adults attend the event. There is no charge for the adults to attend.

Can pictures be taken on the day?

Of course! Please feel free to take pictures and share with us after the event. There will also be an event photographer there taking photos for future marketing purposes.

Are tickets refundable?

Bookings cancelled up to a week before the event will have any money you have paid refunded minus the agreed deposit amount. A cancellation within the 7 days of the event will not be refunded. We will happily put your deposit towards a future event with us. This offer is excluded if not attending on the day without prior notice.

How do i book?

To book you can call us on 0800 023 5903. It will be a ?20 per ticket deposit plus costs for any extras you would like to book.

Before You Book…

  • Note the session time you would like to attend.
  • Make a note of any extras you wish to add.
  • Be aware that a deposit will be taken on booking. This is a non refundable deposit of ?20 plus the cost of any extras you will book.
  • Make a note of any allergies to tell us of your guests.

Book by calling 0800 023 5903.