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Terms and Conditions

Party Host‘ or ‘you‘ refers the customer in the following terms and conditions.

The CopyCat Party Company and ‘you’ are entering into a contract meaning ‘you’ the customer is subject to the following terms and conditions.

The CopyCat Party Company reserves the right to cancel any booking should they believe it is for a public / ticketed / 3rd party event without being previously discussed. The CopyCat Party Company works with a variation of companies on partnerships and working on these events would be a breach of contract. Separate corporate contracts are provided on agreement of working in partnership.

On booking, please be aware that ‘you’ are required to check any power or utilities arrangements for services and that this must be provided for on the day. Should you wish to check what these are please contact us.

The party host is required to gather any special requirements including allergies of guests and present them to The CopyCat Party Company a week before the booking.

If booking the DJ service – the party organiser is required to supply 2 mains plug sockets near to where you would like the DJ to set up. This cannot be through a power extension cable.

The party organiser is required to inform the DJ of any decibel meter in the venue. Should no communication regarding decibel metre happen and damage occurs to equipment through power loss of decibel metre – the organiser will be held liable.

For areas outside the Barnsley area there is a fuel charge. for surrounding areas this is capped at ?10. For areas outside this we work to a 46p per mile. Surrounding areas include Wakefield, Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham.

Payments of services

A deposit is required to secure any service booking with The CopyCat Party Company. This is discussed during booking with the party host.

Any outstanding balance will be required a week before the booking is due to take place.

Weather Permitting

In preparation of bad weather, The CopyCat Party Company will always keep you informed of our status via the contact number provided. We will always do out up most to attend your booking. Please see below;
[a] should any of our team be unable to make your booking you will be informed immediately and a full refund minus your deposit will be given within 7 working days.
[b] Should you, the customer cancel due to weather and our team is still able to make the booking, no refund will be given but you are able to place your payment towards any future booking with us. This must be stated on the cancellation call.

In all instances both parties would be aware that these are circumstances are beyond their control and be understanding to the terms and conditions provided.

Cancellation of Booking

If the party host should cancel the booking more than a week before it is due to take place, they will receive any balance already paid minus the deposit amount. Please note: any deposits made cannot be placed against any other booking or order with The CopyCat Party Company

Should the party host cancel the party within the week of the booking, The CopyCat Party Company will be unable to refund any payments made. Please note: any deposits made cannot be placed against any other booking or order with The CopyCat Party Company, however there may be an option for other payments to be put against future party bookings. This must be discussed on the cancellation date.

The CopyCat Party Company understands problems may arise and you may wish to rearrange your booking. If this is the case as a good will gesture we will always look to rearrange your service booking to suit both availability for the party host and CopyCat Costumes. If this is not possible the above terms apply.

Should CopyCat Costumes cancel the booking due to circumstances beyond their control (i.e Weather conditions) You will be asked to rearrange or receive a full refund including deposit.

If you are unsure of any cosmetic look, service detail or otherwise please do not hesitate to ask.

The CopyCat Team.