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The Frozen Party

Introducing the coolest (pun intended!) party of all! Join us in a fully themed party with character visits, themed games and prizes!

The Party

Join our DJ party host for this 2 hour party as they take you on a frozen adventure through challenges, games, sing a longs and more!
The party starts with the DJ party host introducing the party and it’s theme. The guests will be then led in their first games to win some very special snow magic!
Once enough snow magic has been won – your guests then perform a very special magic spell to bring some very special guests to the party.
The Ice Queen and The Ice Princess appear to the amazement of your guests! From sing a longs to fun themed games and prizes; your guests are sure to have lots of fun!

What age is the party for?

We’d advise from 4 onward.

Who comes to the party?

A DJ party host and 2 character performers will attend the party.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of guests?

For this particular party there is no minimum or maximum guests!