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One Stop Pop Party

Join our team for a one stop pop party!

Transform into pop stars for the day with the help of our party assistants. Make overs, dance routines and final performances will ensure your party never stops!

Suitable for;

Ages 6-9 years old.

Maximum number of guests;

25 – however we do advise to invite 30 in case of illness on the day and we cover this.

Should you have more than this number – extra children can be added at an extra cost before your final courtesy call.?

About the party;

Our job is to create pop stars from all attending your party!
Your guests will be led in the process of creating and being a pop star. This will include one of the following;
– Face Paint
– Glitter Tattoo
– Neon Party Paint.
– Bling Glitter
Props will be given to use throughout the party which will help your guests learn to be a pop star. They will be taught a dance routine and practice some singing on the microphone. Lip sync battles, air guitar challenges and more fun pop star games are played all to create your mini pop stars!

As always in a CopyCat party we will also get parents involved for the last game! (top secret) but it is sure to and the party on a high and a prize provided!

At the end everyone will receive a certificate to say they are now a fully fledged pop star!

*This price has recently changed 10/01/19 and is applicable to bookings made on and after 11/01/19.


*This price recently changed on 10/01/19. This applies to bookings made on or after 11/01/019.

** Price excludes any fuel/travel costs that may apply to your booking.