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Princess VS Evil Queen

Suitable for;

Girls and Boys aged 5-8 years old.

Maximum number of guests;

25 – however we do advise to invite 30 in case of illness on the day and we cover this.

About the party;

The concept of the parties is to have the ultimate battle between 2 of our most popular characters.
The children will firstly be informed of their task and assigned which character they will be helping to begin with.

The next step is learning all about the characters they are about to meet. They will divide into teams in order to prepare for the arrival of their guests. Teams will have to chance to earn points before the guests arrive.

Once your party guests are ready, the characters will enter the party and meet your guests. There will be a number of team games to help guests decide who will win – the evil queen or the princess? It will be high action and lots of fun for all your guests, adding games and prizes into the mix. Games will be themed to suit the characters.

As always in a CopyCat party we will also get parents involved for the last game! (top secret) but it is sure to and the party on a high and a prize provided!

At the end everyone will receive a certificate to say they have been involved with the ultimate battle between princess and evil queen and the winning character will be announced!



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