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The Ultimate Team Party

Introducing our Ultimate Team Party!

Over the years we’ve found that team games at our parties are hugely popular and especially popular for ages 8-13. For this party package we pit two colour teams against each other in a series of challenges throughout the party!

Our DJ party host first introduces the party and asks everyone to form teams. This can change throughout the party and children have free will to change teams at any time!

These age appropriate and fun games range from funny to action based and cater to everyone at the party. We aim for each child to excel at least one team game.

These games can be flexible meaning we can look at how children are doing and change on the day if needed!

This is a fun, cool theme for a party from 8 upwards and can be highly competitive and lots of fun! If your child loves a challenge then this is a great party for you!

From ?180.

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