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The Toy Party

Our Toy Party is certainly a fun and colourful party to have! Can your party guests help the toys get back to Andy?

Suitable For;

Age 4-8 years.

About The Party;

Can you help save the toys get back to Andy? Our toys arrive at your party where the boys and girls are informed that they are lost! Can the boys and girls help find clues to take them to Andy?

The party is full of interactive challenges and clues to help the toys return to Andy!
The party comes with our DJ party host and PA and includes 2 themed characters of your choice. Choose from the characters below;

As well as helping our characters; your guests will also have picture opportunities for pictures and to spend time with the characters whilst they eat.

The party ends with an official certificate for each guest signed by the special guests.

Maximum Number Of Guests;

*We do advise to invite 30 in case of illness on the day and we cover this.
You can request for more to be added at an extra cost.? There is an opportunity to add more to your party at a small cost to cover resources and certificates.


*Fuel charges may apply on final balance.