Zoom Parties for Schools


If you’re reading this then your school has decided to throw a virtual party for students to enjoy! We’ve complied this handy blog to make sure you can enjoy the party whilst keeping everyone safe and secure online.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video platform in which both host and attendees can see each other should they wish. Zoom can be accessed on desktop and via devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

How it works

Entering the ‘Zoom Room’

Once a date and time is confirmed; your school will be sent a login details for a private room on Zoom. Once you have confirmed your place these details will be emailed to each parent.
On confirming your attendance you will be added to a register. On the day your name will be ticked off the register on your request into the room.

Half an hour before the party begins you will be able to enter the Zoom ‘waiting’ room. No more entries to the room will be accepted from the official start of the party as admins and co-hosts will be keeping an eye on the guests.

During the party.

You will be muted throughout the party however video will be shown should you wish. Please do not unmute yourself.

An adult must be present with any child under the age of 16 at the Zoom party.

During the party you may use the chat feature to request songs or shoutouts to any other pupils or teachers attending. The chat feature may even be included in one of the games!

Zoom also has a virtual background feature and we encourage you to use it should you wish. Please keep them fun and family friendly for all to enjoy!

If any behaviour is deemed unacceptable by the admins and hosts of the party then the individual may be ejected from the room.

Preparation – What you need to do

Download Zoom and make sure you are happy with how it works – try a practice session with a friend. You can also contact us for any help and to practice.

Please make sure any devices used for the party are as safe and secure as possible. Run a virus check on your laptop and remove any adware that may compromise your privacy. Should you have any issues with this please let us know. We will remove any users or devices if we believe security is compromised on the day.

Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed. You can do this by checking your settings on the Zoom website or on app store.

Make sure you have a great internet connection to ensure you get the best quality party available.

Don you best party gear and get ready to party!

Privacy and Security.

It is absolutely vital that you do no pass on any of the unique room details given; this includes to another parent or pupil. Room details should only be passed from the school to ensure you are on the room register. It also means that the room details are kept secure and privacy is ensured.

You will not be permitted to enter the party room on the day if you haven’t previously shown interest and are not on the register.

If we believe the security of the party has been compromised the party may be cancelled or new details given.

Schools Information

Your unique room details will be given following a booking.

Your room details should be passed over the phone if possible or we suggest text or WhatsApp. This is a more secure way of passing details than a computer that may not be secure.

On the day your school will need to have at least one representative as a co-host with a good internet connection to be an admin for the party alongside the party host. They will accept pupils into the room in accordance to the register.

Under no circumstances should anyone be permitted who isn’t on the register.

Your school may have more than one co-host should they wish to keep an eye on a large party. All co-hosts should be prepped on how to use Zoom. For more help on this you can contact us.

This switch will need to be done 3 days before the party to make sure everything runs smoothly.

No parents are permitted to be an admin or join as an additional guest unless otherwise authorised by The CopyCat Party Company.

For any other questions please contact us.